What is SYSE?


Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the design, modeling, interconnection and management of large, complex systems. In addition to the methods of traditional engineering, systems engineering requires skills and expertise in areas including optimization, simulation, economics, finance, risk management and effective decision making through uncertain conditions. These core skills are applied to solve challenges as diverse as constructing an automobile or an airplane, refining corporate communication systems, tracking financial markets, or constructing a power grid.


The Department of Systems Engineering (SYSE) at UT Dallas focuses its research and curriculum on the fundamentals of systems engineering and management, with applications in interdisciplinary areas of interest to industry, such as energy systems, financial systems, software systems, healthcare systems, cybersecurity systems, control and mechatronic systems, and many more.

With top-tier faculty and curriculum encompassing technical and business applications, the Jonsson School offers an unparalleled Master of Science in Systems Engineering and Management, a joint program with the Naveen Jindal School of Management. The interdisciplinary program brings together faculty from the engineering school and from the management school into a single program offering both traditional and professional tracks.