Fast Track Program to Systems Engineering and Management

The Systems Engineering and Management (SEM) MS degree program offers a cross-track option similar to the Fast Track option for other programs in the Jonsson School

Students enrolled in Jonsson School undergraduate programs such as biomedical engineering, computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering may request admission to the Fast Track SEM program in the Traditional track (T-SEM track). Fast Track in this case is really “cross-track” because Systems Engineering currently does not offer an undergraduate program; this aspect is innovative at UT Dallas and represents the first of its kind. Because of the breadth of the SEM program, requirements for the Fast Track to SEM differ slightly from Fast Track programs that are offered in more narrow disciplines at UT Dallas.

Although cross-tracking into the SEM program is very flexible, careful and advanced planning is important. The student typically initiates an appointment with the SEM Academic Support Coordinator to completely understand the requirements. The eligible student must obtain approval from the SEM Program Head on the Fast Track application. Applications are accepted three times in the year for qualified undergraduate students.

Admission Requirements

An undergraduate student cross-tracking from another BS degree program qualifies to be admitted to the Systems Engineering and Management Fast Track program if he or she meets all of the following qualifications:

  • Has completed at least 15 hours at UT Dallas.
  • Has repeated no more than 3 courses at UT Dallas and has repeated no course more than once.
  • Has an overall GPA for all college courses of at least 3.33.
  • Has completed at least six benchmark courses with an average six course GPA of at least 3.5 and the combined GPA in all benchmark courses should be at least 3.33. These six courses must be chosen from any of the Fast Track benchmark courses listed for the undergraduate degree programs in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science. Upon approval by the T-SEM Graduate Admissions Committee, up to two of the six benchmark courses may come from outside this list, provided
  • 1) one (or both) course(s) is (are) at least at 3000 level and from a UT Dallas engineering program; or/and
    2) one course is at least at 3000 level and from a UT Dallas undergraduate program in mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, or finance.

Application deadlines for Summer and Fall is March 21, deadline for Spring is Oct 21.

Remaining in the Fast Track Program

In order to remain in good standing, a Fast Track student must fulfill the following requirements:

1. Must maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 overall and at least 3.0 for graduate courses taken as an undergraduate Fast Track .
2. Must earn a grade of B or better in all graduate courses. Courses in which a student earns a passing grade below B shall only count towards the BS degree and will not count for the MS-SEM degree.Must not repeat more than three courses, and must not repeat any course more than once.
3. If, at any time these requirements are not fulfilled, the student will be dropped from the Fast Track program.  Any graduate credits successfully earned can be applied to the BS degree only, and the benefits of the Fast Track program will not apply. A student dropped from the Fast Track program shall not use these graduate courses towards a future graduate degree.

Matriculating to the Master’s Degree

Upon successful completion of the BS degree a Fast Track student transitions to the SEM degree program (T-SEM track) if they are in good standing.  A graduate matriculation is created for these students so that they can continue their studies towards their SEM degree without any additional documentation or fees.  In order to ensure a smooth transition, students must attend new student graduate orientation to become aware of all graduate school policies. They are allowed to enroll for classes upon completion of this orientation.  Subsequently, students meet with an SEM degree graduate advisor and complete any necessary degree plan requirements by the end of the first semester in graduate school.