Department Head’s Welcome

Dr. Stephen Yurkovich

Welcome to the Department of Systems Engineering (SYSE). The mission of SYSE is twofold. First, we strive to collaborate in research and curriculum, capitalizing on the breadth and diversity of the field of systems engineering to be a source of technical innovation and technical excellence. Our commitment to excellence is evidenced by our research efforts and the Center for Control Science and Technology.

Secondly, through our degree programs, SYSE provides formal education in design engineering and management of increasingly complex systems. Graduate students prepare for successful careers at mid- to upper-levels of leadership through the Master of Science degree in Systems Engineering and Management, a joint program with the Naveen Jindal School of Management.

Our department boasts a world-renowned faculty in the areas of systems, robotics and control. All of our tenured faculty have achieved the level of IEEE Fellow and three of them have earned the prestigious John R. Ragazzini Award in Control Education from the American Automatic Control Council of the International Federation of Automatic Control. In addition, our excellent staff provides a culture of helpful service to our faculty and students.

Through my tenure at The University of Texas at Dallas, I have been privileged to work with the best of the best in our field as well as with other esteemed faculty across the University. Though our department itself is small, our influence is great. I look forward to future collaboration, and I look forward to watching our graduates succeed in systems engineering management, one of the most in-demand and challenging fields today.

Dr. Stephen Yurkovich
Professor of Systems Engineering
Department Head, Systems Engineering
Director of the Center for Control Science and Technology
Louis Beecherl Jr. Distinguished Chair
Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)